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Bike Night

This is our first Bike Night and GSX-R riders are attending from all over The Netherlands and Belgium. It’s a ‘members’ only event. It’s strange to say members because we are not a motorcycle club. But anyhow, we are going to Scheveningen, this is one of the best places to visit the Dutch beach and has an amazing boulevard. We did a small photo shoot and it was fun. There was lots of people enjoying the scenery with all the bikes parked together. Some members put led lights on their bikes for the event and that was awesome! Then we went to a dining place on the beach and had a blast. The vibe was perfect and bike season now comes to an end!

Photo Shoot

After having some incredible events and great feedback from our members it is time to do something back for our community. It is as you can see in the video a sunny day and the temperature is more than pleasant. We are going to Eindhoven, the southern part of The Netherlands and this time we have some amazing photographers Marc & friends and Vera with us. A photo shoot can’t be complete without photographers. In Eindhoven we found a scenery where we can make beautiful photos and also have a bite to eat because we arrived here at lunch time. The lunch was chic and very delicious. After the lunch we begin our well-organized photo shoot and the photos are just insane!!


If you ride a GSX-R and you would like to know how to ride a GSX-R then you have to come with us to Trackday. We have a great number of riders today and joining us at 2 The Experience. Some of the riders even joined the knee-down training! After the intake, riders are placed into groups depending on their experience. This is a small track so you won’t go above 100 km. The learning curve is high with each round we see progress and change in chicken stripes. After the day our riding skills improved a lot and riding a GSX-R now has more meaning then ever!!

Suzuki Sunday

Our second Suzuki Sunday and we have a great program for our fans! GSX-R riders are coming from all over The Netherlands and even from Belgium, this is really amazing. We are counting more than 90 riders and even members from the Dutch Hayabusa Club. There’s Suzuki fans and other spectators that heard we would come and they just came and enjoyed watching and hearing these beautiful bikes. After that we went to another event called Motortreffen. We arrived here with again an amazing number of riders and had a red-carpet treatment, everybody was watching us ride-in and thru the event. It was also a MotoGP day so we watched it on two very huge screens!

With Suzuki (NL) @ the motorcycle fair in The Netherlands 02-'17

We are invited by Suzuki The Netherlands to join their stand at the Dutch motorcycle fair. We’ll be at the fair from Thursday till Sunday. The morning begins with a briefing from Suzuki and what to expect at their stand. After the briefing we take some pictures and photos to upload to our social media pages. There’s lots of eye catchers on the stand, GSX-R 125, GSX-R 1000 and GSX-R 1000RA and a prepped GSX-R 1000 for on the track. Every minute we’re are getting to know new GSX-R fanatics and talk about the one thing we all have in common, We Ride GSX-R!

Introduction of the new 2017 GSX-R 1000

Suzuki has send us two tickets to the press launch of the new GSX-R 1000 in Germany. The German fair looks amazing! The launch starts with a small movie introduction followed with the sales numbers worldwide. Suzuki is big in the Asian markets. After the introduction of a few new models comes the one and only GSX-R 1000 with Kevin Schwantz on it! The King is back and the MotoGP riders join the podium to celebrate the introduction of the new 2017 GSXR-1000.

With Suzuki (NL) @ MotoGP TT ASSEN

CLUB GSX-R is invited by Suzuki to watch the MotGP live in Assen. We’ve extra VIP tickets to the MotoGP and entrance to the VIPBox. With a lottery we give our fans a chance to win ticket(s) and can come with us to see the fastest hero’s alive! The VIP Box is filled with lots of drinks and delicious foods is served throughout the day. Our VIP tickets gives us the chance to visit and walk freely in TT Assen, paddock, tribune and grid walk. This is definitely one of the coolest events Suzuki has invited us too.

Suzuki Sunday

Our first big open event and we have more than 80 GSX-R riders on site. It’s an amazing day, the sun is shining and the temperature is more than 20c. CLUB GSX-R is invited by Suzuki to one of their events and this is going to be a spectacular day for our riders! On the road to the Eemhof we see spectators waving and giving us a thumbs ups.
Together with Suzuki we have put an amazing agenda. Arriving at the Eemhof there’s a deluxe lunch for our riders and afterwards we watch the MotoGP together with Suzuki. There is also a fast boat where we can sit in and enjoy the lake. The event comes to an end with an amazing photo shoot and a goodie bag from Suzuki!