CLUB GSX-R started in 2014 and became in a short time period one of or even the biggest GSX-R community. We are a lifestyle brand for Suzuki GSX-R riders.
Our fans are scattered all around the globe and you can
recognize them by their #CLUBGSXR decal.
You can find us on social media or by joining our events.
We are not affiliated or funded by Suzuki we are an unofficial community for Suzuki GSX-R fanatics.

You can find us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
On Facebook we have a Fan page which is followed by more then 120k enthusiast and a Facebook group.
If you would like to meet our community members join our Facebook group. This group has more than 5k members from all over the planet.
On Instagram you can find us sharing our superbiker lifestyle.
Scroll down and click on the social media icons and hit that follow button.

We have a select variety of merchandise in our store.
It is amazing to see our products going to countries all over the world and seeing bikers
finding new friends because of CLUB GSX-R.
We are working hard designing new and quality products.
If you have questions regarding our merchandise you can always contact us by email or


Experience CLUB GSX-R

These photos and videos are an impression of our CLUB GSX-R lifestyle. We started in 2014 and now we have more then 100K followers Worldwide and are growing each day! During our events we like to take photos and make videos that we share on Facebook and Instagram. We work together with some amazing brands who sell high quality motorcycle gear and have our own CLUB GSX-R merchandise like t-shirts, caps, socks, stickers and more for superbike riders! Do you like what we are doing? Then spread the word #CLUBGSXR... More