CLUB GSX-R is the lifestyle for GSX-R riders Worldwide.
We organize cool events and are ambassador of Motul, Lindstrands and Nexx motorcycle helmets.
We bring motorcycle riders together!
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We organize different kinds of events and bring our fans the best superbike experience.
There are events for members and non members.
With our events we bring riders together!
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CLUB GSX-R merchandise are sold and shipped Worldwide.
It is great to see our followers from all over the world buying our stickers, keychains and socks.
We are working hard designing new and great products.
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Social Media

Would you like to know more about CLUB GSX-R come and join us on social media.
We are very active on Facebook and Instagram and have a community Facebook page where members and non members hangout and share everything about there favorite hobby!
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Open Events

Once a year we organize an open event and invite all GSX-R motorcycle and soon superbike riders to come.
Last event we had approximately 100 riders and there were even riders from other countries who joined!
This is one of our most impressive events because this is when we show you the CLUB GSX-R lifestyle

Members Only

We organize different kinds of events to bring our fans the best superbike experience.
There are different kinds of events for our members and even non members.
With our events we bring motorcycle riders together!
Interested? Scroll down and see the events we host.


Experience CLUB GSX-R

These photos and video are an impression of our CLUB GSX-R lifestyle. We started in 2014 and now we have more then 100K followers Worldwide and are growing each day! During our events we like to take photos and make videos that we share on Facebook and Instagram. We work together with some amazing brands who sell high quality motorcycle gear and have our own CLUB GSX-R merchandise like t-shirts, caps, socks, stickers and more for superbike riders! Do you like what we are doing? Then spread the word #CLUBGSXR... More


Ultimate Hangout is one of our main event and is hosted once a year.
This event has grown a lot and even followers from outside our own country are joining us on this amazing day.
We have GSX-R riders who come and visit this event but also those who ride superbikes.
Everyone is welcome!

When you ride a superbike, you should know what the motorcycle is capable of. After a long winter period it's good to get to know your bike again and that's why we do a Bike Training once a year. It's on a small track where you can learn taking turns the way it should and focus on looking.

We combine our Photo Shoot event with a ride out by taking our fans to a beautiful and inspiring location.
This is the time for fans to polish their motorcycles and get new photos for their social media pages. On our website you'll find the latest photos taken during this event. More events..


We are proud to be ambassadors of Lindstrands motorcycle clothing!
Check our Instagram page and see the amazing and high quality motorcycle clothing we love.
The designs, fabric and stitching are just perfect!

Check out our review of the Chamber leather jacket.

We are proud to be ambassadors of Nexx motorcycle helmets!
Check our Instagram page and see the how the helmets look, the carbon models are amazing.
The carbon helmets are light, strong and feel real comfortable.

We ride GSX-R motorcycles that is originated from the Suzuki brand.
The motorcycle history of Suzuki is amazing, if you have the time surf on the internet and watch how they got involved in making motorcycles. It's really inspiring.